AXiAL Dance

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AXiAL Dance

We offer a creative dance program designed for kids ages 3 to 14!
AXiAL Dance is a fast-growing program that makes its home at BRSC. Your children can train under the direction of Ms. Laura Wren  & Morgan Bernard.

Fees are $70.00/month

For complete information about our program, prices, and instructors, please go to the AXiAL Dance website at:

Click her for: Winter 2021/2022 schedule

AXiAL Dance Class Program Limited Schedule due to the Pandemic

Ages  3–14 years
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays
Dates/Time   See below
Fee  $70/MONTH

Mondays (Ms. Morgan)
Hip Hop                                            4:45-5:30pm (7-12 yrs)
POM                                                    5:30-6:15pm (12-15 yrs)

Mondays  (Ms. Laura)
Adaptive Dance                            5:00-5:30pm (9-12 yrs)
Contemporary Dance               5:30-6:15pm (8-12 yrs)
Contemporary Dance               6:15-7:15pm (12-15 yrs)

Tuesdays (Ms. Morgan)
Adult Tap (age 16+)                    7:30-8:15pm (in Xergym)

Thursdays (Ms. Laura)
Ballet                                                6:00-7:00pm (12-15 yrs)
Pointe (audition required)      7:00-7:45pm

Saturdays (Ms. Laura)
Ballet & Jazz                                  10:30–11:15am (3-5 yrs)
Ballet & Jazz                                  11:15–12:00pm (5-7 yrs)
Ballet & Jazz                                 12:00–1:00pm (8-10 yrs)
Ballet & Jazz                                    1:00-2:00pm (10-12 yrs)

Saturdays (Ms. Morgan)
POM                                                     1:00-2pm (7-12 yrs)
Tap                                                        2:00-2:45pm (9-12 yrs)
(in Xergym)

Students taking two or more classes receive 50% off of the second class, one discount per student.