AXiAL Dance

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AXiAL Dance

We offer a creative dance program designed for kids ages 3 to 14!
AXiAL Dance is a fast-growing program that makes its home at BRSC. Your children can train under the direction of Ms. Laura Wren who teaches ballet and jazz and our other talented instructors Juliet Prillaman, Danielle Hogan & Morgan Bernard.

Fees are $70.00/month

For complete information about our program, prices, and instructors, please go to the AXiAL Dance website at:

Click Here for our modified schedul:  NEW, WINTER, FEB.,  2021 with Axial SCHEDULE (4)

AXiAL Dance Class Program Limited Schedule due to the Pandemic

Ages  3–14 years
Day  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays
Dates/Time   See below
Fee  $70/MONTH

Mondays  (Ms. Laura)
Contemporary Dance               5:45-6:30pm (8-11 yrs)
Contemporary Dance               6:30-7:30pm (12-15 yrs)

Tuesday (Ms. Danielle)
Tap (6-9 yrs)                                  6:00-6:45pm (in Xergym)
Broadway Jazz                              6:45-7:15pm (in Xergym)
Adult Tap                                         7:15-8:00pm (in Xergym)

Thursdays (Ms. Juliet)
Ballet (6-9 yrs)                              4:45-5:15pm
Ballet (13-16 yrs)                          6:30-7:30pm
Pre/Pointe                                       7:30-8:15pm

Fridays  (Ms. Morgan)
Hip Hop (6-9 yrs)                          4:45-5:15pm
Hip Hop (10-13 yrs)                      5:15-6:00pm
POM (10-13yrs)                             6:00-6:45pm

Saturdays (Ms. Laura)
Ballet & Jazz (3-5yrs)                  10:30–11:15am
Ballet & Jazz (5-7 yrs)                  11:15–12:00pm
Ballet & Jazz (8-10 yrs)               12:00–1:00pm 
Jazz (9-12 yrs)                                     1:00- 1:45pm
Therapeutic Dance (6-12yrs       1:45-2:15pm

Students taking two or more classes receive 50% off of the second class, one discount per student.