Tennis Membership

Tennis Court Availability and Pricing

DAYS                                                  HOURS                      COST

Monday-Friday                              5-9am                       $28.00
(Fall/Winter/Spring)                    9-4pm                       $40.00
                                                              4-10pm                     $50.00
                                                               10pm-close            $45.00

Monday-Friday                              5-9am                       $23.00
(Summer 6/3-8/23/2020)       9-5pm                       $28.00
5-9pm                       $35.00
                                                               9pm-close               $28.00

Weekend, Sat & Sun                   7-9am                       $32.00
(Fall/Winter/Spring)                     9-11am                     $38.00
                                                               11-4pm                     $48.00
                                                               4pm-close              $38.00

Weekend, Sat & Sun                   7-9am                       $28.00
(Summer 6/3-8/23/2020)       9-1pm                       $33.00
1-6pm                       $38.00
6pm-close              $33.00

Tennis Court Usage Policy

Seasonal court time is reserved for the entire season. Contact Julie Ruamthong at or BRSC, 703-250-1299 for available times.

Rates are per court per hour. The reserving member will pay the court fee prior to play. 

Players must provide at least 12 hours advanced notice prior to cancelling a court. If less than 12 hours notice is provided, players will be charged 100% of the court fee.

Players may reserve a court up to 3 days in advance.

Members will pay a $15 guest fee for non-members in their group.

Use of the tennis ball machine is only $10.00/hr. Please specify that you want to use it when making a court reservation.

Tennis balls are $3.07 + tax per can.

Please follow our Court Guidelines and Courtesies to ensure a pleasurable playing experience for all.